By Vincent Wigmans

The Cessna CitationJet (model 525) was developed to replace the older Cessna 500 Citation I (model 500) and Cessna Citation II aircraft. (model 550). The first flight of the 525 was in April 1991 and the first delivery took place in March 1993. Unlike earlier models, the 525 has been developed from the start to be operated by a single pilot, which was a huge benefit for owner-pilots. Although Cessna designed a version of the Cessna 500 Citation I and Cessna Citation II to be flown single pilot (the SP version), the real game changer came during the introduction of the 525. The 525 model also received several updates that led to the CJ1, CJ1+ and M2 variants. For this article, we will focus on the straight Cessna CitationJet that has been produced from 1993 till 1999 (serial number 525-0001 till 525-0359)

What is it that attracts people to the Cessna CitationJet?

Travelling businessman and women have always used general aviation aircraft for their independence, between the 70s and 90s owner-pilots were using Cessna 421’s, Piper Chieftains or Beech King Air’s to travel to their business meetings. But since the introduction of the Cessna CitationJet, this independence took it to the next level. This aircraft became mostly known for its range, speed, and ease of use. This ease of use is especially important when flying single pilot in complex airspace. With a cruise speed of 340/360 knots at FL400, and a range of approx. 1300 Nautical Miles (NM), the owner-pilot can have multiple meetings on a day. 

Prices of a Cessna CitationJet

The purchase price of a Cessna CitationJet depends on multiple factors. Most important factor that influences the price is a TAP engine program. This engine program has been designed by Williams, you will pay a standard fee per hour, per engine and then your maintenance costs will be covered by Williams. It’s like having an insurance to avoid high out of the pocket cost. A Cessna CitationJet without an engine program, will sell for prices starting at $500k. The cost to enroll in a TAP engine program depends on the hours on the engine. We have seen enrollment fees of $550k and up. A Cessna CitationJet that is already fully enrolled in a TAP engine program will sell from $1mil. and up.

The hourly rate of a Cessna CitationJet also depends if you have an engine program or not. The price per hour, per engine for the TAP engine program is $ 196.04 (2023 pricing). If you add the fuel cost, the fixed cost and the variable cost to it, and divide this by roughly 450 hours per year, you will get an hourly rate of $2,400.00. For this hourly fee you can take 5 or 6 passenger with you.

Are there negative points on the Cessna CitationJet?

The Cessna Citationjet is a very well-thought-out machine, although you must be aware of some corrosion problems that can occur throughout time. Especially, the area below the toilet must be investigated thoroughly before you purchase one. These areas can be affected due to the spilled blue water that is used in the toilet, as this is a highly corrosive fluid. We have seen several cases that a part of the lower fuselage skin had to be removed to remove the corrosion. To access this corrosion area, you must remove the full wing. 

In summary, the Cessna CitationJet is still a very popular aircraft, with an acceptable price per hour, easy maintenance and very easy to operate by a single pilot. For the owner-pilot, this aircraft is an ultimate “time machine” to travel quickly and in comfort to their next meeting or family holiday.

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