FA Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions is a professional aircraft broker. We sold numerous pre-owned aircraft to private and corporate clients. These have ranged from single engine piston aircraft to the full range of business jets.

FA Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions will strive to differentiate your aircraft from all others. The first step in this process will be to determine the correct market value of your aircraft. We will use historical data and simultaneously assess the market. This approach takes into account your aircraft component times and overall condition when determining the correct selling price for your aircraft. After accepting our proposed selling price we will start the second step, marketing your aircraft.

Our aircraft marketing consist out of:

  • Set-up of a custom made webpage comprising of professional images and a detailed description of your aircraft.
  • A color downloadable brochure will be created of your aircraft, brochure can be downloaded from the webpage.
  • A custom made movie of your aircraft will be made and placed on the webpage of your aircraft.
  • A detailed description of your aircraft with color photographs and a link to the custom made webpage will appear on major aircraft sales sites.
  • A custom e-mail blast incl. links to your aircraft will be sent to all Fly Aeolus Aircraft Sales contacts.
  • Huge exposure under aircraft owners and potential aircraft owners that are connected with FA Aircraft Sales.
  • Aircraft will be promoted on all social media channels.

Check out our aircraft for sale to see examples of the marketing we provide for aircraft owners. We will make sure that potential customers can find your aircraft!

We will also manage the correspondence and inquiries with potential buyers. If a viable offer is presented and accepted by the seller we can start the closing process. We will manage all steps and we provide a valid Aircraft Purchase Agreement.

Above all we collaborate with you throughout the whole sales process and act solely on your behalf!

If you are interested in selling your aircraft, please contact us by phone on +31 (0)15 820 0999 or you can send an email to sales@faaircraftsales.com. We will set-up a Comparative Market Analyse (CMA) of your aircraft and will discuss the possibilities to generate a quick sale.