Thinking of buying or selling a plane? At FA Aircraft Sales, we believe every aircraft transaction should be a win-win. That’s why knowing the fair market value is crucial for both buyers and sellers to achieve a successful deal. An aircraft market valuation from FA Aircraft Sales provides the key to unlocking that value.

Our desktop valuation goes beyond a simple estimate via Vref or the Aircraft Bluebook. We consider a variety of factors that impact an aircraft’s worth, including:

  • Make and Model: Some aircraft types are renowned for holding their value exceptionally well.
  • Age and Airworthiness: While aircraft naturally depreciate over time, a meticulous maintenance history can significantly enhance its value. Hours approaching maintenance or overhaul events are factored in to ensure a realistic valuation.
  • Condition: Any past damage, plays a vital role.
  • Upgrades and Equipment: Additional equipment and upgrades can increase an aircraft’s market value.

Considering all these factors can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s where FA Aircraft Sales comes in. We leverage industry-standard data sources to provide the most accurate desktop valuation possible for your aircraft.

Here’s what sets us apart: Our aircraft market valuation takes into account the two most comparable aircraft currently available on the pre-owned market. This cross-referencing approach ensures an even more accurate and reliable valuation for your aircraft.

Ready to make a confident move in the aircraft market? Contact FA Aircraft Sales today for a aircraft market valuation. Let us help you achieve a smooth and successful transaction!