This article explains all about ferry flights, which take place after an aircraft has been sold or bought. It discusses what ferry flights are. The article also details the importance of careful planning for successful ferry flights.

What are ferry flights

Ferry flights are a non-commercial flights undertaken specifically to deliver an aircraft to its new owner. The main purpose of a ferry flight is to transport a sold aircraft from the seller’s location to the new owner’s location.

Unlike a commercial flight with passengers or cargo, a ferry flight doesn’t generate any revenue for the operator. The cost falls on the seller (or sometimes the buyer, depending on negotiation).

Ferry flight support

Ferry flights are an important task of an aircraft sale or purchase and this requires careful preparation. It is very important to have delivery flights well planned and flawless as to assure a successful aircraft transition in the end. Careful consideration should be given to the cost of the ferry flight relative to the value of the aircraft.

Ferry flights typically require multiple stopovers. This is due to two main factors. First, the aircraft might have shorter range capabilities, meaning they can not travel directly to the customer which might be living remote from the current base.
Second, ferry flights often operate in geographically remote areas with limited airport options, like island chains or undeveloped regions. Adding to this complexity, careful weather planning is essential, especially when navigating westward through Iceland and Greenland or eastward through the tropics, where weather patterns can be unpredictable.

Ferry Flight Flight Planning

In cases where export and import formalities are streamlined and completed ahead of time, ferry flights can be conducted with minimal delay. This can significantly reduce the overall time it takes to deliver the aircraft to its new owner.

Delivery flight tracking

The aircraft can be followed during the flights via tracking software supplied to you, you will be fully up to date about your aircraft’s current position anywhere in the world.

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