By Vincent Wigmans

When it comes to the complex world of aircraft sales and purchases, there are many hurdles to overcome. Three significant challenges that often arise during these transactions are the difficulties in securing a slot in an aircraft maintenance facility for a pre-buy inspection and navigating the intricate landscape of aircraft part supply. Furthermore, obtaining engineering services from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can also be a time-consuming endeavor. In this blog, we’ll explore these challenges and their implications.

Maintenance Facility Backlogs

One of the critical steps in the process of buying or selling an aircraft is the pre-buy inspection. This inspection ensures that the aircraft is in good working condition and meets all safety and maintenance standards. However, the current workload in aircraft maintenance facilities often poses a significant hurdle. Due to the high demand for maintenance services, securing a slot for an inspection can be a time-consuming task. Buyers and sellers must plan well in advance and have a flexible schedule to accommodate the availability of these slots. Delays can be frustrating and may even impact the timing of the entire transaction.

Aircraft Part Supply Challenges

Another challenge in the aircraft sales and purchase process is acquiring the necessary parts for maintenance, repair, and upgrades. The aviation industry relies heavily on a global supply chain for components and spare parts, which has been significantly disrupted in recent times. The shortage of specific parts, especially for older aircraft models, can result in delays in getting the right components on time. This can not only extend the duration of maintenance but also increase costs, affecting the overall economics of the transaction.

OEM Engineering Backlogs

In addition to maintenance and parts supply, sometimes aircraft transactions require engineering services from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Whether it’s for modifications, repairs, upgrades, or compliance with the latest regulations, relying on the OEM can lead to lengthy backlogs. Waiting for several months for essential engineering work to be completed can be a significant challenge for aircraft buyers and sellers. It adds complexity to the overall transaction and may even deter potential deals.

Considering these challenges, those involved in aircraft sales and purchases must plan meticulously and be prepared for potential delays. It’s advisable to establish a comprehensive timeline and engage with experienced professionals who can help navigate these challenges effectively. Additionally, keeping abreast of industry developments and building strong relationships with maintenance facilities and suppliers can be beneficial in mitigating some of the difficulties.

In conclusion, while aircraft sales and purchases can be exciting endeavors, they also come with their fair share of challenges. Booking slots in maintenance facilities, obtaining the right parts, and managing engineering backlogs can test the patience and resourcefulness of those involved. Nonetheless, with careful planning and a proactive approach, these challenges can be overcome, and successful transactions can be achieved in the dynamic world of aircraft sales.

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