Entrusting your most valuable asset to Fly Aeolus enables you to leave all administrative and operational aspects of aircraft management to us. Our management programs are especially designed to provide aircraft owners with help with maintenance, invoicing, insurance, flight operations, crewing and many of the other aspects of owning an aircraft. You maintain the flexibility of ownership and you will have more time to focus on your agenda. Check underneath which service is suiting your requirements.


Existing Aircraft OwnersNew Aircraft Owners
First point of contact on all aircraft related aspectsAircraft Management Check MarkAircraft Management Check Mark
Support after buying an aircraft incl. administering licensing requirements and financial advice for accounting and operating your aircraftAircraft Management Check Mark
Set-up CAMO contract incl. Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP)Aircraft Management Check Mark
Organizing insurance, hangarage and fuel cardsAircraft Management Check Mark
Coordination of maintenance, defining and supervising maintenance tasksAircraft Management Check MarkAircraft Management Check Mark
Coordination of catering and cleaningAircraft Management Check MarkAircraft Management Check Mark
Solve Aircraft on Ground (AOG) issuesAircraft Management Check MarkAircraft Management Check Mark
Efficient invoice control and cost management with monthly reportsAircraft Management Check MarkAircraft Management Check Mark
Preparations of flight plans incl. weight and balance calculations, Gendecs, GAR forms, slot requests, PPR requests, NOTAM check, arrange of ground handling etc.
Organizing, scheduling and training crew (licenses, security training etc.) monitoring and compliance with all aviation regulations

All management packages will come with a whole host of small activities that help to make the operation run smoothly!

Fee Structure 

Implementation fee

The implementation fee covers the labour for all start-up tasks, hence the aircraft can be implemented smoothly. Included in the implementation fee are the partner contract set-ups or reviews, flight database set-ups etc.

Monthly management fee

This fee includes financial management, maintenance management and scheduling, safety compliance, plus all dedicated owner services.

Operating deposit

Fly Aeolus relies on its aircraft owners to provide the liquidity to operate and maintain the aircraft to the required standards. Due to the level of costs from various suppliers, Fly Aeolus requires an operating deposit. The required operating deposit will be determined in conjunction with the owner based on the amount of anticipated operations.

Do you need aircraft management assistance? Contact us for further information at +31 (0)15 820 0999 sales@faaircraftsales.com.

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